So-called investigative reporter,and author of “How the Jihad Came to Europe”, German Jurgen Elsasser claims that “Around 700 Bosnian Muslims were killed in Srebrenica”. He said this in an  interview given to Serb fascist Bosnian Genocide denial website called De-construct (formaly known as Byzantine Blog).

Quoted from the interview:

Virtual Srebrenica Created to Demonize and Destroy Serbia

Q: How many Muslims were killed in Srebrenica and what is Hague’s turning away from the Serbian victims saying about the nature of the Tribunal?

JE: Around 700 Bosnian Muslims were killed in Srebrenica, since they were found with their hands tied or with the covers on their eyes. The final number, if we would also include cases for which pathologists can’t state with certainty whether they were killed in combat or if they were executed, because they simply have insufficient evidence, would not go over three thousand. And that many Serbs were killed in and around Srebrenica, too. The only difference is that the West doesn’t want to talk about it.

Q: Why?

JE: The Hague has created a “Srebrenica case” in order to justify crimes against the Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. That is why they need the story about Srebrenica as a “most horrific crime in Europe after the WWII”.

Q: So, it’s a classic manipulation?

JE: Of course! That is why there is a real Srebrenica, with persistently ignored demands by the Serbian side to finally unearth the whole truth about those events, on the one hand, and another, virtual Srebrenica, on the other. The latter one is being propagated precisely by the Hague, which is nothing but an instrument of the US politics for demonizing and destroying Serbia. This is why I can tell you many of those in Serbia who believe the West will stop satanizing the Serbs if the Serbian government fulfills just this one more, or the other condition, are rather naive.

The US Won’t Stop Issuing Demands

Q: What does the naivety consist of and what will be its price?

JE: The West cannot stop demonizing the Serbs, because if it were to do so, it would have to accuse itself. So, Milošević was the first, then Karadžić. Now, Mladić is on the wanted list. But that will not be the end of American demands. They will demand more. For example, for you to recognize Kosovo, to grant the widest autonomy to the Raška region, most probably to renounce the northern Bačka and on and on. Evidently, for the West, the only good Serbia is broken Serbia. “